Stephanie Blythe
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{ Inspirations }

inspirationsMy goal is to create beautiful works of art that will inspire an awakening of dreams, memories, stories, longings through the tactile, the sensual, the unexpected and the surprising.

I like to create dolls that others will see as an object of beauty because I believe that beauty nurtures our souls and stirs our emotions and feelings. I like making things in miniature because it draws you into my world and can be intimate and mesmerizing. I love that my dolls take their life from elements from the earth held together by water and then fire to form their porcelain bodies which are then clothed in antique textiles that are salvaged from other lives and times. I am excited that I can give these beautiful pieces of fabric a new life in a new form. I am proud that I can excite and inspirationinspire people with my work.

I like my work to be decorative, romantic and theatrical. I have been collecting antique textiles and trims for 40 years as well as an extensive library of turn of the century children's book illustrations and historical costuming books. Knowledge of the costuming of the past gives me inspiration for the cut, silhouette and pattern while still allowing my imagination to run rampant. Even though I am creating a fantasy character I feel it is important to know how a sleeve or skirt is cut. It is more interesting to break the rules when you know what they are and some idea of costuming and cut makes the costume believable. I like to work spontaneously without sketches. I consider myself an intuitive designer. I go through all my boxes and pull out whatever I think may work. I lay all my fabrics and elements out on the table. I play and combine one with the other; creating a process in which I look for the right combination. Design, colors, construction techniques, and textures of fabrics are all considered. Color and texture are important elements in my designs. A mixture of natural elements and antique objects are often used.

I have always used natural butterfly and cicada wings for my fairies. Lately, I have been utilizing natural materials and botanicals to create the look of draped fabric. Lichens are used for hair and clothing, acorns for hats or sea shells for hair and blankets. Part of the process is finding just the right sizes, shapes and textures to create the illusion.

inspirations inspirations inspirations inspirations inspirations inspirations
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