Earth & Sky

I like my work to be decorative, romantic and theatrical.

I have been collecting antique textiles and trims for 40 years and also have developed an extensive library of turn-of-the-20th-century children’s book illustrations and historical costuming books. Understanding costuming of the past gives me inspiration for the cut, silhouette and pattern of my figures’ clothing, while still allowing my imagination to run rampant. Even though I am creating a fantasy character I feel it is important to know how a sleeve or skirt is cut. It is more interesting to break the rules when you know what they are and some idea of costuming and cut makes the costume believable.

I like to work spontaneously without sketches. I consider myself an intuitive designer. I go through all my boxes and pull out whatever I think may work. I lay all my fabrics and elements out on the table. I play and combine one with the other; creating a process in which I look for the right combination. Design, colors, construction techniques, and textures of fabrics are all considered. Color and texture are important elements in my designs. I like to use a mixture of natural elements and antique objects.

My Babes in the Woods and Autumn’s Harvest series both break with the tradition of using fabric in favor of natural materials. These figures have lichens for hair and clothing, acorns for hats and cicadas for wings. Some have their own little wooden chairs and beds.