I am partial to Art Nouveau and the Pre-Raphaelites…

and inspired by the artists from the Golden Age of illustration, such as Walter Crane, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, Anne Anderson and others. Having studied art in college, specifically textile design, I have always been attracted to collecting antique textiles. Each of my figure’s costume emerges from a variety of textures and patterns created from my extensive collection of antique silks, velvets, crystals metallic threads, butterfly wings or miniature seashells. Often I change these elements by cutting, dyeing, or folding–whatever works. Part of the process involves discovering just the right sizes, shapes and textures to create the illusion I am striving for.

My goal is to create beautiful works of art that will inspire an awakening of dreams, memories, stories, longings through the tactile, the sensual, the unexpected and the surprising. I believe that beauty nurtures our souls and stirs our emotions and feelings. My hope is that my work will endure the test of time, and still create the same pleasing response to future generations.

WIP – Sarah Bernhardt