The Kiss

Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s scintillating painting, “The Kiss”…

my Kiss Couples are among my most technically challenging, yet rewarding, creations. I sculpt the male and female figures individually, then made molds of each. I join and resculpt porcelain casts of the two figures to reflect the intimate mood of the lovers.

I cast a set of nine different molds of body parts, then carefully re-sculpt them together, refining the details; then I refire them as one piece. The most tedious part is the cleaning, which too often results in breakage… leading to great frustration, and taking me back to the nine-mold stage.

The costuming requires meticulous historical research, and an intense quest for the perfect fabrics and trims (which I often have to work on to make them “perfect”). The result of the first Kiss Couple: Renaissance Romance, opened my imagination to endless possibilities: King & Queen of Hearts, 18th Century French, Medieval, etc. I try to make one couple each year, based on famous, infamous or fascinating lovers.